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Quogen is an energy consultancy with expertise in the engineering, economics and operation of the energy supply chain and network utilities. Services provided to utility operators, energy regulators and financial institutions include the analysis of asset performance, feasibility studies, lenderís technical advisor, project appraisal, and energy market and regulatory framework reviews.

The Consultant and associate team experience encompasses oil, gas and utility networks. Project experience covers all aspects of the gas supply chain, from drill-tip to burner tip. Specialist skills in the engineering and economics of the energy sector are provided to energy companies, utility owners, utility operators and government regulatory departments and agencies.

Engineering, Economics and Regulation: Energy & Utilities

The breadth and depth of knowledge of the Quogen team enables a wide range of upstream and downstream consultancy services to be offered to Utility Operators, Energy Regulators, Government Departments & Development Agencies, Power Companies, Banks & Financial Institutions. Technical and analytical services are provided in the areas of asset performance, detailed business cases and project development, appraisal, and strategy. Specialist support is provided to major players in the energy industry from producers to distributors and including construction companies and consultancy groups.

Quogen Consulting Limited is based in Oxford, England.

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